Meet The Creator





& Welcome to Jay's Clay. I am Jeannie, a sunny California native! I am a 3rd grade teacher, mommy of two amazing boys and fiance to the most loving man in the world. I pursued my dream and became a teacher, I have been teaching for 2 years now. 

When i'm not wiping noses, giving snuggles, making lunch or lesson planning you can find me riding a bike outside, hiking, creating anything and everything & lastly, strolling through the aisles of target.

Jay's Clay has been a dream of mine since i was a small child. My soul desires to help, its just in my nature. Creating earrings has been able to help me do so. Every piece is handmade and occasionally is created with the help of my oldest boy (5 years old). Every single piece holds a special place in my heart, and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do creating them.